Pactum Securities offers automated, cost-efficient, high-frequency securitization, for single assets and asset portfolios, in real-time.

Pactum Securities transforms and distributes to the capital markets various types of cash-flow bearing assets, e.g. loans, receivables or other claims, on portfolio and single asset basis, thus providing originators with increased flexibility for balance sheet, risk and liquidity management. In addition, Pactum Securities flexible setup allows it to offer customized portfolio securitization. Major asset classes include corporate, consumer and real estate assets, e.g. SME loans, trade payables and receivables, real estate debt, etc.

Onboarding with Pactum Securities is easy. Once integrated into the Pactum Securities platform, originators can use its securitization service

To this end, our securitization service represents an innovative solution that

Structuring advisory

Our structuring advisory will help you develop the right solution for your asset base and balance sheet, whatever your current situation and growth targets.

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