Pactum Securities issues fully cleared capital market bonds with attractive risk-return profiles.

What we offer

Pactum Securities offers digital direct investments into fully cleared capital markets bonds with attractive risk-return profiles. We transform various types of fixed income assets into corresponding bonds backed by the underlying loans or claims.

By securitizing these illiquid assets and portfolios into fungible securities, Pactum Securities is unlocking attractive new and direct investment opportunities for a broad range of investors. Major asset classes include corporate, consumer and real estate assets, e.g. SME loans, trade receivables, Traded Endowment Policies (TEPs) or real estate debt.

Investors benefit from complete risk transparency due to...

  • The provision of key financial data of the underlying assets;
  • The validation of the asset specific scoring result carried out by Pactum Securities;
  • The mapping of the scoring result to a standard rating scale, which is vetted by a reputable auditing company.

Investors can create an à-la-carte portfolio including...

  • Specific originators
  • Type of underlying
  • Assets
  • Industries
  • Geographies
  • Maturities
  • Rating and yield ranges
In comparison to traditional portfolio securitization, Pactum Securities securitisation service offers unparalleled transparency and flexibility to investors.