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Company Description

Pactum Securities acts as a service provider to originators and investors alike, aiming to ensure the efficient matching of offer and demand. It does so by converting loans and other illiquid assets into fungible securities eligible for safe custody.

For banks and other originators, Pactum Securities offers a fast and cost-efficient refinancing option via the capital markets. For institutional investors such as family offices or pension funds, Pactum Securities offers attractive investment opportunities à la carte in previously illiquid debt products. Since October 2018, Pactum Securities securitized with the Luxembourg securitization vehicle assets of more than EUR 40mn.


Strong and experienced team

The Pactum Securities team combines many years of experience in finance, technology, and entrepreneurship. It consists of experts with extensive individual track records and valuable experience in various capital markets related fields, such as structuring, securities operations and IT.

Pactum_Selim Tare_RGB

Tarek Selim

Chief Executive Officer


Claus Schuster

Head of Client Relations

pactum Igor Smirnov

Igor Smirnov

Head of Product & Financial Modeling


Pactum Securities has chosen some of the most renowned service providers to support its business and processes.